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Providing your people solutionsPeople development solutions

We want you to succeed and excel, pure and simple. Imagine you had the perfect people on board, performing at their optimum and delivering consistently through a shared vision, with happy service users and clients telling everyone they meet about you. What would need to be in place? What would you want to be different?

We have an in depth understanding and knowledge of people. Through this expertise, we help you to:


019224-green-jelly-icon-symbols-shapes-check-in-boxdevelop your people, their skill sets and ideas

019224-green-jelly-icon-symbols-shapes-check-in-boxaffect and enhance communication between your teams, clients or service users

019224-green-jelly-icon-symbols-shapes-check-in-boximprove team working and morale

019224-green-jelly-icon-symbols-shapes-check-in-boxdevelop leadership and innovation

019224-green-jelly-icon-symbols-shapes-check-in-boxsupport people welfare


Exemplary, leading world organisations know that investing learning, development and training is critical for the growth and success in any field.

Our services will help you build the best capabilities in your teams and create strategies and alignment in your organisation, yielding results for years to come.

Whether you are seeking training programs, team development, consultancy or a one day transformative event, Tam will deliver effective results that effectively impact the heart of your organisation.

Who we are

                                                                   Tam Johnston

Tam Johnston

Lead Trainer|Facilitator|Performance Coach

I have seen her perform and she is the business.

R Mayson, Company Director

Tam was an amazing facilitator and was able to tune in and provide the perfect next step or help if ever you needed it ensuring that the whole group got as much as possible out of the experience.

ZB, Healthcare Manager

It's hard to put it into words how fabulous a facilitator/trainer it think she is! Tams commitment and passion ensures she always provides an insightful life changing experience in every event.

She has helped me find a new and very much improved version of 'me'.

Zoe, London

… an extremely insightful session.  A great example of a group session where it feels safe to be ‘you’.  Tam has an amazingly gentle and assuring presence that makes one feel at ease very quickly;  and possess a well-developed skill at encouraging engagement from the audience through her verbal and non-verbal communication repertoire.

Managing Director, HR Consultancy

Wonderful delivery of content, clear, succinct and empowering.

I experienced a genuine shift that was both enlightening and tangible.

Thank you for sharing your skills, expertise and knowledge.


Ana Bibic

Tam is a fantastic trainer and excellent communicator. The course is fun and enjoyable.

Paul, London

Thankyou Tam. I enjoyed every minute. It challenged me as a new coach and provided some personal revelations. Your expertise is incredible, the ease at which you facilitate people moving forward is a joy to listen to and watch 🙂


What we can do for you


  1. Enhance communication and relationships – Strengthen communication skills and processes in individuals, teams and inter-departmental relationships. Develop and retain long-term relationships with customers.
  2. Develop your team  – unlock potential in your team, by developing skill sets and creating ideas
  3. Ensure welfare and strengthen resilience in  your people  – increasing the performance, health and attendance of key individuals and teams
  4. Align your company with its vision – clarify and align your goals, values, vision, and culture, uncovering the secret motivational drivers behind what you do. Engage and inspire everyone by aligning processes, actions and purpose with this collaborative mission, enabling all those connected with you to benefit.
  5. Generate inspiring leaders – those who lead by example with a mindset that sets them apart from the competition, spearheading your team towards success
  6. Surpass your achievements- learn advanced modelling of those top of their game in your field, applying their excellence to fit your purpose and goals



Desk and lunchtime relaxation


Lightening talks


Lunch and Learn

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