Coaching to have you and your team performing at your optimum

TAILORED Options for you

Tam and coaching clientIndividual performance coaching

By understanding your needs and challenges, Tam delivers empowering one on one sessions to focus on key areas to enhance work performance, build upon your strengths and identify and overcome challenges, set and achieve outcomes, improve interpersonal relationships and fulfil your potential.


Well-being coaching

One to one coaching for people currently experiencing work-related stress or overwhelm or issues in their personal life affecting work performance. This solution-focused, effective and supportive coaching returns people to their optimum rapidly, removing the need for long-term counselling or staff absence.


Leadership skills coaching

Tam’s unique approach will help you to access and develop all you need to be a top leader. This flexible coach/informational approach will help your tap into your own potential, enhance your leadership and strategic skills, develop your understanding of mindsets, behaviour and team dynamics enabling you to lead and influence towards the common goal. You will know how to utilise what you have within you as well as learn or develop further leadership skills required to lead by example.

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“Having worked with Tam for the past twelve months and I say with certainty that her coaching has helped me improve my performance and well-being. She takes time to ask the right questions, listen, and then gives targeted advice and activities that help you realise where you are at and what you can do to get where you want. She is a brilliant coach and I always look forward to our next meeting”
Tom Robertson

Senior Trader