Training for individuals, organisations and leaders

Learn and develop new skill sets and expertise to:

  • Enhance performance in people and teams
  • Lead and influence with integrity and impact
  • Gain accreditation as an NLP Practitioner
  • Engage, interact and communicate with your customers and service users


If you have ever wondered ‘how’ certain people do things extremely well, admired and wished for the mindsets of those that excel, or come across people that you just can’t understand, motivate or connect with, then NLP solves the mystery for you. It gives you the understanding and tools to get some of what they’ve got as well as how to connect and understand others better. If you know how people really tick, imagine what you can do with that for yourself and within your work.

Some of the most successful people in their respective fields know and use NLP within all that they do. To them, they are the keys towards their success. Its applications rich and broad for both yourself and within your work,  providing two main elements that go hand in hand:

100038-green-jelly-icon-social-media-logos-zikiAn approach and method to model the structure of how others so what they do, for use for yourselves or to create a change for the better.

100038-green-jelly-icon-social-media-logos-zikiReady-made tools and techniques that work

We train advanced NLP skills blended with latest developments in neuroscience to give you the edge as well as the know-how. With evidence-based knowledge and skills you can be sure you’re getting what works.

We deliver tailored programs covering specific, applicable NLP skills through to fully accredited NLP Practitioner programs. Take a look at some common programs on this page. The training and workshops can be tailored to your individual requirements, ensuring that your needs are met in a way that works for you. We deliver anything from one-hour slots to full programs or intensive workshops, either on-site or as away days. Just let us know your preferences.


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NLP Core Skills


Coaching skills for leaders and managers

SMART Hiring


Giving successful feedback

Personal Impact and effectiveness

Authentic Leadership Masterclass

Conflict prevention and resolution


Accredited NLP Practitioner Program